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Thinking of buying a house?……………… If you read nothing else today, just read this!

November 7th, 2016

Accreditations / Associations, Damp / Rising Damp / Damp Proofing /, Surveying, Wet Rot / Dry Rot, Woodworm

Thinking of buying a house?……………… If you read nothing else today, just read this!

We’re often asked by clients ┬ádo they really need a survey? and if so, should they have a survey before or after they buy?

The simple answer is “Yes and before” I’ll explain why.

The purpose of a survey is to establish the value and condition of a building/property prior to … read more

DIY Repairs – False economy

April 6th, 2011

Accreditations / Associations, All posts, Woodworm

I recently read an article published in the Consumer Watchdog Magazine by the Property Care Association raising awareness of the pitfalls homeowners may face when trying to save money by diagnosing and undertaking specialist remedial repairs themselves.

These days it’s possible for almost anyone to trawl the internet reading articles, publications and blogs on how to repair flood damage buildings, floors or dampness and even … read more

Boron Timber Treatments Re-classified as Hazardous

April 6th, 2011

All posts, Wet Rot / Dry Rot, Woodworm

New Regulations from the European Parliament and Council have amended the classification of well known Boron based timber treatment products to hazardous.

Boron is a naturally occurring mineral which borate compounds are formed and used extensively in timber treatments as highly effective insecticides and fungicides to be used in pre-treatment preservatives and remedial repair treatments. Borates have also been used as effective biocides on masonry … read more

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