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Dryfix 1st provider in the UK for insured water damage repairs

May 6th, 2012

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Dryfix 1st provider in the UK for insured water damage repairs

When you instruct a professional company to undertake work on your property, you expect to receive a high level of professionalism in both the paperwork and communication, in addition to high quality workmanship. To  guarantee a high level of service clients will look for accreditation from industry bodies as a method of ensuring the contractor meets a minimum criteria. The purpose of industry bodies is to establish an independent and pre-qualification level of criteria to ensure all accredited contractors meet a set of industry standards.

Within the remedial repair industry once we have achieved recognition from the leading industry body, the Property Care Association (PCA) we are able to apply for insurance for the work we have undertaken on behalf of our clients. This provides peace of mind and a guarantee that the work we were contracted to undertake has been carried out to a high standard and is guaranteed to be effective for a given period of time. This guarantee is often provided in reinforcement of a company guarantee which can prove to be worthless if the company ceases to trade during the guarantee period.

The insured guarantee which is provided from an FSA regulated Insurance company is official insurance which provides protection for the homeowner for up to ten or twenty years, dependent on the type of work undertaken and comes into force if your PCA contractor is no longer trading. Insurance cover relates directly to the property rather than the owner, so if the client decides to sell the property the insurance is automatically transferred free of charge to the new owners.

Only approved contractors are selected to offer insured guarantees, members of the PCA the body that represents specialist contractors, manufacturers and surveyors who specialise in the remedial repair industry. Insurance guarantees cover products produced by all manufacturers provided they have been approved and tested for use. This means PCA contractors can choose from a wide range of products from various manufacturers ensuring the materials we choose are most suitable for your scenario and not used simply due to a contract and guarantee with a particular supplier.

Within the restoration industry there is no form of insurance or guarantee for the work undertaken, well at least not until now. After specialising in the restoration industry, undertaking repairs for water damage and flood restoration for a number of years we were aware there was no such protection offered to our clients for our repairs other than our own company guarantee.

After being involved in numerous repairs within the past few years rectifying the work of other so called specialist drying contractors, who had failed to undertake their work effectively leaving the homeowners with no redress or guarantee, we decided to approach our insurers for backing.

There was obviously a failing in the restoration industry with clients not being able to receive insured guarantees for drying and water damage repairs for protection and redress should the work not be to standard.

We decided this was a huge error on the industries behalf and decided to pursue the option of providing insurance for  water damage and flood repairs with our insurers.

After months of consideration and debate with the insurers analysing our experience, qualifications and industry accreditation we have now finally created a policy to cover homeowners for water damage and flood restoration repairs. This means that when Dryfix undertake repairs to your property we can provide you with Insurance protection for the work undertaken guaranteed for 10 Years by an independent FSA regulated Insurance company.

Until now there has never been this type of protection available to home owners for water damage or flood repairs,  leaving home owners at risk if a failure with specification or workmanship  were to occur. We are so proud that we’ve finally managed to achieve this protection, setting new industry criteria and raising the standard yet again.

We are now officially the first company in the UK able to offer Insurance protection on water damage and flood restoration repairs. This is just another example of why we really are “Yorkshires Leading damp and Timber Specialists“.

Dryfix  are an IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) certified company specialising is flood/water damage and drying of buildings. Our surveyors are fully qualified in damp diagnosis through examination by our leading industry and carry all the latest diagnosis and inspection equipment including fibre optical cameras, moisture analysis equipment and thermal imaging cameras.

All of our technicians are National Flood School trained and IICRC qualified in water restoration, mould remediation and structural drying.

When comparing Dryfix with other contractors you must ask yourself who vets those contractors, who determines their technical skills, are they Health and Safety trained and are they good enough to be acceptable to an insurance company?

If your in need of professional advice or assistance please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our website; Dryfix Preservation Ltd “Yorkshires Leading Damp and Timber Specialists”

Many thanks

Russell Rafton

C.S.R.T. / I.S.S.E

Dryfix – Surveyor


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