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Kings of Crock!

October 30th, 2013

Accreditations / Associations, All posts, Guarantees

Kings of Crock!

Recently the PCA (Property Care Association) which is the leading industry body damp and timber preservation professionals wrote an article in their weekly publication warning of an increased number in the reported cases of Logo abuse. This is basically the use of the associations logo by none accredited companies passing themselves of as PCA members. For some reason there has been an increase in reported logo abuse cases with 7 cases alone reported in September. I’m not sure why a sudden peak in companies misrepresenting themselves is occurring, I can only suspect that as with all associations and government endorsed schemes the recognition provided by association carries such weight it must be difficult for cowboys to pass by the opportunity of falsely gaining custom.

In response to the rising case numbers the association had asked all members to keep an eye out for anyone who maybe falsely passing themselves off as members, misrepresenting the association and misleading customers.

Like all members of the association I take my membership seriously, as it helps represent both myself and my company as elite professionals working within our industry. Associations and government endorsed schemes are however not only about representing ourselves the “professionals”, but also about establishing good practice, standards and guidelines, further education and progression as well as protecting consumers.  As I’m sure anyone would agree protecting the identity of our associations is of the benefit to everyone, it’s just a shame most associations don’t have a full time team like Channel  5’s Dominic Littlewood and Melinda Messenger on the case.

Shortly after the article came to my attention I came across this particular company online Grimsby Damp Solutions Ltd, a company I had never heard of before claiming to be full members of the Property Care Association on their website.  As a member of the association myself it is quite easy for us to confirm the validity of these claims by searching through the associations database of member contractors, you can do this online yourself by using the websites “find a contractor” icon on the home page. Guess what?…….Despite what  Grimsby Damp solutions Ltd claim on their website they are NOT members of the Property Care Association.


In fact when I contact the PCA about these claims, Grimsby Damp solutions had already been reported and had previously ceased the use of the association’s logo on their website. It appears however their memory is short lived as it appears to have miraculously reappeared, how strange?……. Needless to say the PCA are back on the case and have informed Trading Standards of the situation also.

Whilst browsing through their website this company make some substantial claims in addition to other industry accreditation, CHAS approved and ConstructionLine approved. Well guess what, so are we as too are many other professional companies. We checked out the validity of these claims with the CHAS and ConstructionLine databases and to no surprise they are not registered there either.

The company also claim to offer a lifetime guarantee for their work and have a satisfaction rate between 98.7% and 100% whilst issuing 13,550 guarantees in a year.  Statistics and promises which I’m sure are as reliable as their previous claims.

What is most amusing however is the paragraph on their website dedicated to trust, which I’m sure if your trust in them wasn’t already tarnished, is now Trust: We’ve been in business for Many Years and gain most of our business through recommendations and repeat business. Guaranteed Service: Our treatments carry a long term Guarantee. Over the years we have treated a vast range of properties Grimsby Damp Solutions is one of the few companies whose guarantees are for Life!.” Substantial claims for a company who have apparently been treating properties for years however were only established in 07/06/2013 according to companies house records.

Grimsby Damp Solutions Ltd has all the indications of a bogus contractor;

*No trading history

*False industry accreditation

*Blatant lies on their website

*A lifetime guarantee backed by no one other than themselves

*OAP discounts

As Grimsby Damp Solutions say on their website “Stay In The Know ! Try our Best to Educate our Clients, we give a full in-depth report on all Free No-Obligation Surveys!” If you’re looking for a contractor our advice is exactly that “Stay in the know” and educate yourselves.  Avoid the cowboys and Indians and visit the PCA website there you can search through a database of approved and industry accredited contractors, and If you’re still unsure ring the PCA  they are a friendly, helpful organisation and ask them to verify the company.

Very little in life is for free with exception to my advice here and of course you’re under no obligation to take it, but choose a contractor from the PCA website, choose companies that rock and avoid the kings of crock!

2 Responses to “Kings of Crock!”

Constructionline Says:

This is really interesting. We do some image searching and ask some people to take down logos. However, this is a massive task.

Luckily with us, buyers search for suppliers within our system. So non-members displaying our logo get no real benefit and would be found out easily – tarnishing their reputation with our buyer members.

russell Says:

ConstructionLine, Thank you for your comments. We are also ConstructionLine registered and agree that most buyers will approach your systems when searching for a contractor to ensure reliability.

The appearance of Logos on websites, marketing material and company vehicles does however create an illusion to domestic clients and others that these contractors must be reliable and reputable because of the badges they have collected. These are clients who potentially may not have access to your systems or where the requirement of such accreditation is not essential meaning they do not look for it specifically.

Many companies will simply aim to collect badges for these very reasons regardless of not whether the logos they display are relevant to their trade or industry or as in this case, whether or not they have been accredited and simply falsely display the association logos anyway. I have wrote another article directly on this matter called members of the associations that matter which address the importance of accreditation in the industry or service you require, might be worth a read; Members of the associations that matter.

Your comments are greatly appreciated and we are happy we may have potentially brought this contractor who is falsely displaying your logos to your attention so you can act upon this matter.

Kindest Regards
Russell Rafton

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